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云顶娱乐app:DEBO organised 2014 Excellent Employees, Old Employees Traveling to Dragon Mountain In order to thanks the efforts of the staff had paid

Date:2015/9/23 Label:[Recreational activities] Access statistics:4719
, and enhance the cohesion of the team, DEBO organized 2014 outstanding management personnel, outstanding staff and the 10th anniversary of the old employees,totally 53 people traveling to Dragon Monutain which in Yingtan Jiangxi form September 19 to 20 2015.
DEBO staff carries family boarded the bus which to Dragon Monutain in 19th Sept.Everybody was so happy along the way. We successively visited dragon tiger gate, fairy, antique coffin water-rock performance,Dashang Palace,Taoism culture heir han shifu etc beautiful sceneries.
We felt relaxed, help each other , take care of each other, increasing the chances of communication, improve the affection between the department, build the harmonious team atmosphere, after the trip &returned to the company. We communicate with each other, with full enthusiasm and more energy into their works, also fully shows the company "To be Generous ,To be Enterprising" spirit, Make greater contribution for DEBO’s further development .